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UPSC CSE RANK-31 – ANKIT PANNU - UPSC Strategy and Books

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Civil Services Examination Preparation Strategy

Hello Everyone,
As it is said, ”Dreams Don’t Work Unless you do”. The dream of becoming an IAS, which many of us desire to be a reality requires Hard work, Consistency, Absolute Commitment from our side and a Positive Attitude.

This is his strategy what he followed...

Starting early has its advantages, so you all can also try to begin your journey towards your Dream at an early stage.
Starting with the basics, one must be consciously aware about the syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. One should be able to identify if a particular Topic/News is covered in our syllabus by just a Glance over the Topic/News. This will help you in Segregating the wheat from the Chaff and hence will save your valuable Time.

His First Attempt
He gave my First attempt in 2016, right after my college got over in May 2016and  followed a simple approach in which he used to write down the topics where he got my answers wrong.
He secured an AIR 444 and was allotted IRS(C&CE)

Second Attempt, he secured AIR-31

Books recommended by Ankit :-
  1. Ancient History : Old and New NCERTs, Tamil Nadu Textbook class 11th.
  2. Medieval History : Old and New NCERTs and Tamil Nadu Text book class 11th.
  3. Culture : Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania, CCRT and Class 11th Fine Arts NCERT.
  4. Modern History : Old NCERT by Bipin Chandra and The brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum Publications).
  5. Geography : New NCERTs and G.C. Leong.
  6. Social Issues : Do a detailed analysis of topics in news.
  7. Polity : Only read Laxmikanth here, no need for other books.
  8. International Relations : Read newspaper daily and online sources (mentioned below).
  9. Economy : Indian Economy by ramesh singh and Daily Economy section in newspaper.
  10. Environment : Shankar IAS and ICSE Board (Class 9th to 12th).
  11. Science and Technology : For Engineering Background, no need to study any book specifically for it, just focus on current events. Non engineering students can refer Sc. and Tech. by Ashok Kumar Singh.
  12. Internal Security : Do a detailed analysis of topics in news and online sources(Mentioned below).
  13. Ethics (GS-4) : Lexicon is a good book; genuinity and natural instincts are valued here. 
Online Sources to refer :- 
  1. – For Current Affairs, SECURE, Editorial analysis and Test series.
  2. – For Current affairs, TLP, Yojana/Kurukshetra Gist, PIB news.
  3. – For indian polity. (Analysis of important bills and policies)
  4. – For Internal Security and International Relations.
  5. – For Indian Economy and its governance.
  6. – For Social Development.
  7. – For International Relations.
  8. – For International Relations.
  9. – For Indian Budget and Economic Survey.
  10. – Authentic Government news/facts.

One thing that must not be done while considering the optional is choosing the optional based on Topper’s optional in the previous or that particular year.

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